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What is brain fog?

The brain’s inability to function optimally (as if you are living in a sluggish fog) due to many different potential factors including leaky gut, plaque build-up, mold and other environmental toxins, poor lifestyle choices, a cognitive overload of stress hormones, and many other variables.

Your Guide: Brain Gym [Neuroscience, exercise, gut, nutrition]

Almost everybody knows someone who has been affected by neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinsons’. They are serious and scary diseases that can affect all of us. Here are the tools we can use to prevent or reverse these diseases.

What It’s like to suffer from Severe Brain Fog – My Story

Here is my 5 year brain fog journey summed up in an article. From hitting me one day out of nowhere, to having doctors tell me it was ADHD or alleriges, to a deep depression and finally a gradual progression towards educating myself and healing my brain and body. If you suffer from brain fog, this will bring you hope.