The most important thing for lifting your brain fog (that people can’t seem to find, until now…)

After suffering from severe brain fog for 5+ years and now interviewing brain health experts on the subject, here is what I have to say.

This answer is not the quick fix answer that you may be looking for.

When has that ever worked out?

I’m not even going to list all the potential causes because that’s not going to help if you just go right back to what you were doing before.

This is the real answer that you need to hear.

At least, if your anything like how I was in the midst of severe brain fog.

Many different things and many combinations of many different things cause brain fog.

*** Before you lose hope or get overwhelmed, I have a solution for you at the bottom of this, but it needs context first so keep reading. ***

Before you do anything, you must understand that you’re a snowflake of a human. There is no one else out there like you, therefore your bring fog journey will be different.

Basically, there is no cookie-cutter diagnosis or solution to brain fog.

But there is a solution.

It will take a couple of important things:

  1. You’ll need to go all in and commit, no more half-hearted attempts to heal.
  2. You’ll need to take ownership and stop looking to others all the time
  3. You’ll need to learn about YOUR body and treat this like an scientist, running experiments until something clicks.
  4. You’ll need to detach yourself from any outcome because there are too many variable (think about how complicated humans are…) It’s not a simple cause and affect formula. There are many things happening that you can’t see or track. For example: it’s not, “if I eat this today and feel bad tomorrow, I shouldn’t eat that anymore.” Like any good experiment, it takes time to collect enough data to make a conclusion.
  5. Finally, and most importantly, you’ll need help

When I was suffering from brain fog, there was nothing out there about brain fog. I had to go through it alone, which took me down a path of hopelessness and depression.

All I needed was a bit of support and guidance.

My mission now is to help 500 brains transform from foggy to fit.

You can get everything you need here.

Written by Miles Hanson
Written by Miles Hanson

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