What would happen if you went all in?

If you stopped looking for a quick fix. One supplement, diet or doctor. What if you committed to learning about your brain and body in order to change it permanently? What might that look like?

You'd start by taking a deep breath and watching these videos for hope and inspiration.

While watching, you’d remember that there are millions of other people out there who struggle from brain fog and other health challenges. You’re not alone and you’re going to heal yourself.

You'd watch the 'Heal' Documentary (Here's the trailer)

You can buy the documentary on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, Google Play, the website, and elsewhere I believe. A documentary film that takes us on a scientific and spiritual journey where we discover that by changing one’s perceptions, the human body can heal itself. The latest science reveals that we are not victims of unchangeable genes, nor should we buy into a scary prognosis. 

You'd watch Dr. Joe Dispenza's Story

You would read my story about how I had severe brain fog for 5 years before learning how to heal myself.

Once you're excited to heal yourself and you realize it's possible, you would join us in the free BrainThrive group.

You would introduce yourself, tell us your story and listen to other people’s brain fog journey’s!

Next, you would buy these books and start reading them...

You’d dive into the rest of Joe’s stuff on his YouTube Channel.

You’d read The Brain’s Way of Healing: Remarkable Discoveries and Recoveries from the Frontiers of Neuroplasticity 1st Edition

You’d read Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School

You’d slow down and remember that “this too shall pass.” You will stop gettting frustrated with yourself and take control.

You’d start with the least invasive strategy to lifting your brain fog. You would…

  • Start a daily journal and track how you’re feeling and what you’re eating
  • You would start meditating consistently, even if for 5 minutes a day, using Insight Timer or your own guided/solo meditations. If you’ve never meditated you could watch Tim Ferris on How to Start Meditating.
  • You would take your shoes off in the grass and ground (touching earth) every day for at least 15 minutes.
  • You would get outside and walk, run or workout daily.
  • You might try out a daily 10-20 minute HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout from Joe Whicks YouTube channel. At first you’ll think he’s cheesy, 3 days in you’ll love him!
  • You would pick up something else like yoga or Chi gong
  • You socialize with family and friends. You may even make new friends by joining an online group (contact for me men’s group/mastermind recommendations). Maybe you’d research a women’s or men’s circle that gathers weekly. Maybe you would start your own!

You would choose a time and binge watch all these video to learn about how the brain works and how we can heal it.

You’ll learn about sleep, detoxing, nutrition, gut health, intermittent fasting, neuroplasticity and much more. You’d take notes and rewind certain parts to make sure you actually understand it. This information will start to create a deeper understanding in how to heal your brain.

You would check out my BrainBox, which has a small list of tools and products I use and recommend. Maybe you would invest in some of them.

But you wouldn't stop there. You would start to train your brain like you do your muscles.

You would sign up for BrainHQ and practice daily

The BrainHQ brain-training program represents the culmination of 30 years of research in neurological science and related medicine. It was designed by an international team of neuroscientists, led by Michael Merzenich—a professor emeritus in neurophysiology, member of the National Academy of Sciences, co-inventor of the cochlear implant, and Kavli Prize laureate.

You would download the same Guide I sent to the people who attended my Brain Gym workshop in India. A complete guide to healing and exercising your brain.

Inside the Guide

  • How to connect left-right brain
  • How to heal your gut
  • How to grow neurons
  • How to lift your fog and sharpen your memory
  • Much more…

You'd go through the BrainThrive Workshop Replay with 3 brain experts

This workshop replay includes 3 1-hour+ videos from the experts as well as all the resources they mentioned.

After going through the replays, you will have a foundational understanding of what causes brainfog, how you can work towards lifting it, and how you can create a thriving brain.

Most importantly, you will know where to start. “What’s the first step I should take?”

I try my best to make things really simple…because let’s be honest, the brain and the body are not simple.

But healing your brain is more about consistency and building the right life habits.

Once you understand where you stand (getting some tests done or doing a self-assessment), then you can take another step in the right direction every single day.

These brain experts are incredible. Enjoy!

Next, you'd take a deep breath.

You would start to understand that all the infinite things that are simultaneously happening in your body and brain are similar to a symphony.

If each musician plays their own song, it’s noise. When all the musicians play together, in harmony, you hear music.

Time to dance 🙂

If you made it through this guide, you’re well on your way, but remember, good things take time.

Separate yourself from the outcome. Don’t get stressed when you wake up foggy 2 weeks into a new diet. You won’t understand everything that is happening and you don’t need to.

Instead, be patient and listen to the deeper messaging. Give yourself space to heal through sleep, fasting, meditation and social connection  (even if not physical). Try not to get lost in all the different labels.

And Finally....

In 1-24 months, you’d DM me on IG letting me know that you went ALL IN and no longer have brain fog. This way, I can track my goal of helping 500 brains transform from foggy to fit.