Transform Your Brain from Foggy to Fit

A community dedicated to helping you lift your brain fog.

Finally, a resource dedicated to helping you lift your brain fog for good.

By building a community full of diverse brain experts who can answer your specific questions at any time of the day.

Do you feel...

  • Foggy and lethargic most days
  • Heavy and low energy
  • Unable to make clear decisions
  • Uncomfortable while interacting
  • Unable to problem solve
  • Stagnant in life
  • Forgetful
  • Stuck in a thick fog

Do you want to...

  • Lift your brain fog
  • Navigate the world with clarity
  • Experience productivity and focus
  • Sharpen your processing speed
  • Be present and aware
  • Unlock full brain potential
  • Avoid neurodegenerative diseases
  • Sustain neurplasticity

How we can help you

The Group

A safe place for those with brain fog to find support, answers, accountability and guidance from a diverse group of brain experts.

The Blog

eWhat you can do daily to transform your brain. We cover many topics and storiesall boiled down to actionable steps.

Why I created BrainThrive

As I started to write about my experience with brain fog, people began reaching out to me.

  • “I read your article on brain fog, that’s exactly how I feel! How did you get rid of it?”
  • “Thanks for the article. I can’t get through a day without my brain fog getting in the way, can we talk?”
  • I’ve had brain fog for the past 15 years….please help.”

I became deeply passionate about the brain and dove headfirst into learning everything about it.

I started coaching through clearing their fog.

I started seeing patterns.

I began to formulate a process to not only eliminating brain fog, but also creating a thriving brain.

One that’s quick, sharp, strong and healthy. One that effortlessly flows through conversations.

One that’s 3 steps ahead and never loses its train of thought. One with a strong memory.

One with a powerful ability to learn and grow. One that allows you to live a great life full of personal and professional successes.

Too many of us know someone that suffers from a serious neurodegenerative disease (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Dementia).

The worst part is, it’s a fairly simple process!

You go to the gym or do yoga to take care of your body, but do you do the same for your brain? You take your car in for regular service. What about your brain?

It can be as simple as 5 minutes a day and a couple lifestyle changes. Nothing crazy.

Then I thought, how can I provide the most real value for those who suffer from brain fog?

I figured, get a bunch of experts in the same room, talk about brain fog (what it is, what causes it and how to get rid of it), and empower people with real world answers.

I went to many doctors who tried to sell me a pill or tell me I had ADHD. I now understand the best thing I can do is learn how to take care of my brain on a daily bases by adopting the right habits.

This group was created to be a light at the end of a foggy tunnel.

This group aims to help 500 people go from foggy to fit.

Will you be one of them?

Researchers tell us that attention and focus are the raw materials of human creativity and flourishing. And in the age of increased automation, the most sought-after jobs are those that require creative problem-solving, novel solutions and the kind of human ingenuity that comes from focusing deeply on the task at hand.

I suffered from severe brain fog for 5 years​

I didn’t even know what brain fog was for the first year or so.

Once I did, I had no clue how to get rid of it!

  • I lost my train of thought constantly
  • I could barely hold a normal conversation
  • I couldn’t find words
  • I couldn’t remember names
  • I froze in public settings
  • I had low energy and drive
  • Social anxiety took over
  • Stress and frustration grew
  • Relationships went down hill
  • School and work suffered

Doctors didn’t help and I slipped into depression.

I obsessed over every little thing I ate or drank, but nothing was working.

I was stuck in the fog forever!