BrainThrive Coaching

A coaching program dedicated to clearing your brain fog for good.




Are you tired of having a foggy brain? You don't need to be held back by sluggish mental performance. You simply need a clear path to healing.

Simple 4 Step Process

Inside of this program, I will guide and support you through these 4 simple phases in order to life your fog.

1) Assess

2) Remove

3) Replace

4) Repair

Inside the Program

Every brain and every situation is different. I want to work directly with you, weekly, to find the source of your fog and put a sustainable plan in place to heal.

Today's best options consist of [A] going to your general practicioner and having them try to fit your round symptoms into a square hole. Or, [B] waste tons of money and time trying to find the right specialist who may or may not be able to help you heal your brain fog.

Hello, friend!

My name is Miles and I suffered from severe brain fog from age 19 to 25 [6 years]. I’m from Austin, Texas and currently live in Denver, Colorado.

I’m a copywriter, marketer and brain nerd. Once I got a taste of true clarity and brain health, I could never go back.

I am constantly exploring new realms within brain health and mental performance. I believe most of us run at about 20-30% capacity and I want to help thousands of people enter a thriving state of 90% and above.

My mission with BrainThrive is to help transform 500 brains from foggy to fit.

I love to camp, hike, travel, write, connect, play the guitar and think. I would be honored to help you make brain fog a fun fact about your past. Follow me on Instagram or sign up below and join me in the group.

Apply for the Coaching Program

Fill out a short application and book a call. We will discuss your brain fog journey and decide the best course of action.